In September I was contributing to the master classes consultancy in Finland and Italy. In these master classes we work with IMO colleagues and other consultants on issues concerning horizontal leadership and organization development. On the basis of the seven exercises of the methodology of the evidential we explore new ways of dealing with the leadership issues in organizations.

These exercises are reflective exercises in which we explore key elements of the social dialogue in development processes in which individuals connect their own biography with the biography of their organization.

First there is the exploring of “what is my steering question, my leadership question?” This question today is relevant for top managers, for middle managers but also for the professionals who work with the clients of the organization. Through exploring this question by being questioned about it by another person, the question changes and we see new opportunities to act, to take the next step. How do we express then our leadership vision and does it have an inspiring working on the others I like to take with me on exploring the leadership question?

The leadership then is connected to make the right interventions. How to do good interventions in the work process that is not working well and frustrates us by not flowing and not serving the client very well. The leadership is also connected to exploring our steering convictions from which we act today. Are they still valid or should we try to find in us other steering convictions that could be more fruitful for handling the critical situations around our steering leadership question. We explore then the inner voices that want to give direction to our behavior and also how we look into the future through possible scenarios and what decision these images of the future bring to us.

In November we will have the last two-day workshop in Italy where the 16 participants present their master thesis and give a short presentation on the fruits of the two-year process. In Finland we are in the middle of the process with a group of 7 people.

It is amazing to see how the colleagues enter into this new profession of horizontal leadership and work with this methodology in the client organizations. Getting away from the usual short project approach that responds to the clients preferred solution they work now as speaking partner for the organized community and help them to create as leaders and with the help of the leadership dialogue the new steps of development for the individual and for the organization as a whole.

Literature that is used is the book on the methodology by Adriaan Bekman

  • Bezield Veranderen
  • Inside the change
  • Begeisterung steckt an.

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