Markus Kopp

E-mail: [email protected]

Markus Kopp joined IMO in 2019. Since 1985, he has held various leader and teaching positions: freelance coach, systemic organization developer, lecturer, head of training, project consultant and head of change projects. He lives in Lucerne with his family.

His areas of expertise include the fields of culture, social work, pedagogy, healthcare, church, social culture, social initiatives, associations, and profit and non-profit organizations.

“In a healthy work environment in which teamwork is crucial, change processes should be approached open-mindedly and without reservations. As a result, innovation, solutions, and positive changes can be developed and implemented in collaboration with all stakeholders.”

With his open-minded, direct and humorous attitude, he easily gains the trust of both humans and organizations.

  • Certificate of Completion Spiral Dynamics, ValueMatch certified trainer 1 + 2
  • Masterclass Horizontal Consultancy IMO
  • Coaching course, Trigon
  • Further study in moderation of big groups, Aufwind
  • Federal diploma as educator
  • MBA Hochschule Luzern FHZ
  • NDS in quality and project management, Zak Basel
  • Further study in controlling for social organizations
  • Federal diploma in social insurance
  • Pedagogical leader, HSL, grad. social education worker, HSL

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