Marcelo Balazina

E-mail: [email protected]

In January 2011 Marcelo joined the group of IMO colleagues.

His main themes are: Support and development of leaders and organizational questions, Coaching, Development programmes, with a focus on social skills for leaders and qualities of horizontal leadership.

His source of inspiration and transpiration in work has been his relation with the client and the support for him to find his own path. He systematically wants to create and strengthen the relation between clients as a way to broaden the learning from practice.

From 2005 to 2010 Marcelo was manager in an educational organization, responsible for projects and new activities in franchising companies.

Before that …

Marcelo’s professional scholarship was in the field of hospitality, food and drinks and he worked for many years in this sector. He was responsible to realize projects in the field of governmental institutes of tourism and education.

He studied business administration, NLP, Social panoramas, Constellation and coaching, Always trying to integrate the human aspects with the necessity of results in organizations. After these studies and having had experience in practical life, he participated in the Master Programme for Horizontal Leadership, with the IMO consultants and out of the practical results applying this methodology, he decided to become consultant for the development of persons and organizations, with the intention to bring this experience to other companies and executives.