Lisanne Eblé-Bekman

E-mail: [email protected]

After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Lisanne Eblé-Bekman (1972) has been working in various organizations, holding different positions such as supervisor, facilitator, program advisor, trainer and project manager. She has worked in different social domains such as welfare, education, art and culture. She started in September 2014 with a Master’s degree in Leadership at Hanze University of applied science in Groningen and joined IMO in 2015.

She started being an entrepreneur in 1998. This is when she worked at the ‘Erfahrungsfeld zur Entfaltung der Sinne’ in Wiesbaden as tour guide for a year. With groups of people she turned every tour into an experience. She integrated the experience and the perception of the participants into the story of this guidance.
Working with groups is what Lisanne does best, ensuring that people experience something together, that participants can connect their own interest and fascination with the common interest.

Art and Socratic questioning is what she puts into the development of personal leadership and the creation of meaningful communities.

Developing and having a vision, conducting a dialogue from the interest to what unites us in humanity, adding value from knowledge and achieving sustainable success are qualities that appeal to Lisanne when it comes to leadership.