The program is designed to support the development of persons in their responsibility in the work situation, either as leaders or as professionals.

Main characteristics:

  • The Program is designed to support the development of persons in their responsibility in the work situation, either as leaders or as professionals.
  • The focus of the program is to develop social skills that are fundamental for leaders and to take initiatives in their area of responsibility in the perspective of the client.
  • The expected result is that the participant will work more consciously and autonomously and that cooperation between co-workers is improved.
  • The program has a specific structure, but content and activities are chosen or adapted according to the needs and questions of the group of participants.
  • Over a period of six months, practical exercises and reflection in workshops are combined with initiatives in the work situation, so that new skills can be trained and changes can be experimented and incorporated.
  • The participants will work on their own personal development question and consolidate their own experience and knowledge.
  • Intervision groups during the workshops and individual coaching in between will support them in this process.
  • The participants will dialogue with their leaders on their learning process.


  • Initial Encounter – 3,0 hours
  • Opportunity for the persons invited to get to know the objectives and dynamics of the program, in order to enable them to take a personal decision to take part.
  • Five modules – 2,0 days each
  • Exercises, inputs, group work, and other activities related to the theme.
  • During the fifth module the participants present their personal learning experience.
  • Four individual coaching sessions – 1,0 hour each
  • Personal support for the question they work on in their practice. This is also the moment to involve the participant’s leader.
  • Time between modules: +/- 6 weeks
  • Total time for the program: 6 months.
  • Number of participants: between 12 and 24.

Input and themes:

The following themes are worked on in the form of exercises, research and inputs according to the group’s needs:

  • Observation; distinguishing between facts and opinion;
  • Dialogue; speaking and listening;
  • The art of asking questions;
  • Giving and receiving feedback;
  • Dealing with diversity of people;
  • Phases of life and biography;
  • Styles and qualities of Leadership;
  • The image of the Human Being;
  • The image of the Organization;
  • Work process and transition;
  • Principles for participation;
  • External and internal motivation;
  • Delegating and taking initiatives;
  • Team work and cooperation;
  • Communication and dealing with conflicts;
  • Action Learning process.


Two colleagues. For more than 12 participants an extra facilitator(s) for intervision and coaching is needed for every 5 or 6 persons.

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