Lafayette Parreira Duarte

E-mail: [email protected]

Lafayette joined IMO team in June 2015.

His academic experiences included a degree in Agronomy and a Master in Economics. He began his activities at agricultural extension services aiming at community development.

He worked more than 15 years as consultant and facilitator for private organizations (NGOs), both for the leadership and professional teams. He dedicated on designing and implementing organization development processes. The aim was to help people to improve their capacities for stablishing a better dialogue among themselves and collectively decide and implement their steps towards enterprise, team and personal development. He also worked with mediation and conflict management.

In the last 20 years, he has been the CEO of a general hospital in Brazil. He implemented horizontal leadership as means for sustainable business and team development. The main objective was to stimulate people to identify problems in their working processes and take initiatives in solving them together with other team members. By doing so, they fostered value added for the clients.

He carries an image of a threefold human being: a person that thinks, feels, and acts. He attaches every organizational development process he develops to this image. He believes that the persons that have the best conditions to take the leadership on improving the work processes are those who execute them – not the experts, not the managers.

In the last years, he has helped clients that brought questions such as: a) How to ensure that everybody in the organization connects to do their work processes as they are supposed to do? b) How to improve the work processes in the organization in such a way that everybody is connected to these processes and its clients?

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