A large topic is so called key performance indicators (KPI). They are numbers that refer to specific operational facts / developments and have a special significance. Key figures support entrepreneurial activity through their applicability to planning, control and monitoring activities. They help to bring about rapid comparisons by relating different numbers to each other. The information necessary for the formation of key figures can come from two areas:

  1. From the big "pot" of the numbers available in the financial accounting. These are e.g. return on equity, equity ratio, ROI and revenue per child care day. The danger with these indicators is that they are very abstract and often difficult to relate to everyday reality.
  2. Here it depends on which division and which processes in the company I would like to focus on. This could be the personnel area. In this case it could be e.g., the question of the sick days or days off which can sometimes be an important indicator.

Now the question arises, how do arrive at key figures, which have something to do with the above-mentioned "everyday reality"? At IMO we work with the following image / process:

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