Finally, the first module of our six module IMO program ‘methodology and instruments of horizontal leadership’ in Moscow took place. We started the one-and-a-half-year program with seven persons (on the photo one person who had already left is missing), another two will join us in the next module.

Together with Oxana Alechina, the founder of the ‘Academy of Social Art’, we made the first steps with the participants exploring the field of the IMO methodology through interactive lectures, training IMO instruments, using biographical work and eurhythmy.

We have the luck to have a group of very open minded participants from different working spheres in life, like leaders from supermarket, oil company, medical centre, Waldorfschool, people from different age, young, middle and mature and even one person from the Ukraine.

Every participant is in a turning point in his or her life and Oxana and I are happy and honored to have the opportunity to accompany them during this time. We got again strongly confirmed, that the sense issue is the real moving factor as well in personal as in working life.

Between the modules we will have an intervision meeting and a personal coaching meeting with every participant.

Joachim Heinz

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