Jaime Rojas Elgueta

E-mail: [email protected]

Jaime joined the IMO core group in January 2008.

He supports and had supported the change process and organizational development in many companies and public services in different European and Latin American countries. He has held management positions in companies (Gramma and Mandelli in Italy, Turicentro Los Tamarindos in Centro America) and international intergovernmental organizations (European Commission and Italo-Latin American Institute). He is also an expert in assessment methods for the development of individual and organizational competencies.

Jaime studied Law and holds a Master Degree in Urban and Regional Planning of the Catholic University of Santiago-Chile (1963-71) and has a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from the EHESS, Paris (1972-74). He is lecturer at the Alberto Hurtado University in Chile (Political Sciences Faculty) and taught in Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Italy and Spain. He has published numerous books and articles in professional journals in Italy, Spain, France and Chile.

At present, his special research themes and practical explorations with clients are: biography and design of professional carrier, Horizontal Leadership for collaboration between different generations and people from multicultural and diverse backgrounds.
He currently lives between Santiago, Chile and Hamburg, Germany.

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