Jaime Rojas Elgueta

E-mail: [email protected]

Jaime joined the IMO core group in January 2008.

Following his mother’s motto “you are not my child, you are a child of the world”, he pursued: “ubi terra, ibi patria”. Italian of Chilean origin (1945), he has lived in three continents and 10 different countries, Ph.D. in Social Sciences, University of Paris. He has two sons and a daughter.

Jaime is an expert in strategic change and organisational development in companies and public services in European and Latin American countries. He has held management positions in companies and international organizations and lectured in masters and doctorate course in universities in Italy, Spain and Chile.

Currently, he accompanies the business start-up of young entrepreneurs and supports new business ideas.

He lives in Hamburg. He writes short stories and paints landscapes of the soul.

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