Last week (21-25 of Nov.) I worked in Italy.

First I was three days active in Ecor Naturasi. With the Board of 8 people we dialogued on 10 strategic points like The Future Shop, Cost Saving, People Development. For each strategic point one Board Member took responsibility to lead the process of realizing this strategic issue in the coming years. We had very creative dialogues on how to do it and why to do it like this.

In a lively Italian meeting we prepared in the afternoon together with the operative Committee in which the Board and 13 Directors participate the big meeting of the second day. In groups of three they created the key thoughts and initiatives that would be presented next day to all the fifty team leaders of the company.

The second day we worked in 7 groups where directors and team leaders shared, deepened and added to the strategic thoughts and initiatives. 14 points for action came out of the morning session. 14 smaller groups of directors and team leaders created a good process for these 14 points and indicated the first three steps to be taken. In a very inspiring and positive atmosphere the 14 groups presented their results and by raising hands they got the necessary support of this leadership community of 70 people.
The third day the Board and the operative committee formally agreed and initiated the processes and actions as agreed on the second day.

Ecor Naturasi is a company that have realised in the last 15 years an astonishing growth, created a company that include farms, logistic centres and shops in Italy. The leadership acts in a horizontal way, flexible, quick and creative. On the IMO site under Clients you find a small video on Ecor Naturasi.

After the Ecor/Naturasi strategic process I took the flight Venice – Rome.

We started the second master horizontal leadership with 10 participants. The opening theme was the soul. How can we see the organisation as a living soul in which human soul adventures are being realised? With the help of our IMO methodology we did exercises like ‘questioning the question’, ‘presenting your leadership vision’, ‘going through the eight’ and ‘discovering your steering conviction’. Like all IMO masters it was intense, surprising and revealing for the participants that varied in age from 27 till 63 years old.


I just finished my small ice cream on Rome airport and look forward to an exciting weekend with my two grandchildren.

Adriaan Bekman

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