Working with beacons

This book is written for all those people who want to initiate something themselves in this life. It contains clues for all those who through an organization are endeavoring to achieve a goal, to realize an ideal, in co-operation with others. We have based ourselves on the principle that in the future it will matter in both large and small organizations that initiatives are taken by many networks of initiators who want to influence the progress of the organization all the time. These networks create room for initiatives, in which work can be done on the permanent renewal of the product, the work conditions, the co-operation with others etc. The hierarchical organization as such will be primarily charged with monitoring and taking care of what already exists. The hierarchy as such will act as the conscience of the organization, which means they decide which renewal processes are important for the continued development of the concern, and which are not.

This book contains clues: vision, instruments and experiential data, which will help networks of innovators to exercise a permanent and relevant influence on the development of the organization for which they work. It helps to create the learning organization based on process thinking.

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