Windows on Organizations

Organization development is a science and an art, but even more a creative practice for questions we cannot answer easily. They require leadership and community involvement.

Leadership while we have to go a new path in unknown territory and we have to overcome the hindrances inside and outside ourselves by taking initiatives on the basis of personal responsibility.

Community while people create the new themselves and they need each other in doing this. This brings the whole and each individual a step further in his development.

It can be helpful to be more aware of some concepts that might help in these challenging processes to find the path and go the way.

In this book you find concepts for organisation development. These concepts are based on a thinking that is not logic thinking but a heart thinking in the form of elements and the way these elements could relate with each other.

We can approach the reality as a reality that exists of dimensions, elements, of levels of existence. They are balanced or they are misbalanced. That creates questions to be dealt with. That we do in processes of organization development. Read more …

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