Leadership is a fascinating theme full of secrets. There are numerous publications on this subject with so many interesting approaches but I maintain the opinion that leadership is still a secret, a mystery. In years of research into leadership, in which I worked with many leaders on the topic of their leadership, hardly ever a theory was mentioned but every leader had a completely personal point of view with regards to his or her leadership.

I also noticed that authors who have written about leadership, famous ones like Covey or Kotter but also more unknown authors, have based their leadership theory or model on a personally chosen starting point such as trust or communication between leadership giver and leadership taker, or ways to create added value and achieve results, or changes and initiatives to realize innovations, or the difference between being a manager and being a leader. Leadership, I concluded, is based on acquired personal capital. You can only lead yourself and others on the basis of what you have acquired yourself and you can only describe it by means of a starting point chosen by yourself, which ultimately leads to a specific leadership model.

This could mean that it is not worthwhile to write another book about leadership itself, which ends in a model or theory. However, I have noticed that there is a clear link between the proper functioning of an organization as a community and good leadership. Moreover, there is no recipe to be found which naturally leads to the good result. Entirely different ways of exerted leadership in different types of organizations can succeed or fail.

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