The Horizontal Leadership Book

This is a book about leadership. The content is based on experiences and reflections of concrete people that are unknown in the public arena but who are striving for the best. This might inspire you to develop your own leadership insights by researching and experimenting with the horizontal leadership methodology yourself.

To explore horizontal leadership in depth we will describe an unusual image of organization. This image is about the organisation as a living community in which people create their personal biography and in which people create together a company biography.

This book is about lively, moving organizational communities that create sense in the individual’s life of those participating in its development process.

To be able to do this we will base our stories on images of man as they could be living in our souls. Our image of man that is living in us directs very strongly the way we treat others and ourselves in the social realm of working life and private life. We will connect our images of man to the leadership issue and we will give practical examples that show you how leaders deal with this leadership issue. We also then will explore how leaders develop organisations and how they create changes and transformations in them. We will touch in this exploration upon the more fundamental views and ideas we have on the organized society and that directs us into un unknown future.

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