Organizzazioni e leadership orizzontali:
il percorso di training sistemico evolutivo

The growing complexity of our time urgently demands that the organizational culture is innovated. The traditional managerial culture, characterized by systems, procedure and control, does not help to find more and more effective solutions to organization problems. Behind this vertical structure, we can see a rationalistic, reductive vision of people and organization, considered as two independent realities. This paper shows the relationship between the organization and the workers through a new perspective, considering them as two realities that keep evolving with synergy, in an evolutionary systemic-complex vision. An innovative approach named TRASE (Training Systemic Evolutionary) is also proposed as the final elaboration of a previous one named Development-Training (Rizziato 2010).

TRASE integrates the Methodology of evidential to investigate and transform the socioorganizational reality (Bekman 2007, 2014) and focuses on people and organization development in a horizontal space. This will be a space for connections between functions and hierarchies, which permit the generation of new processes and competences towards a horizontal, client oriented organization and leadership. In this horizontal space, people can find a place of self-development, thereby strengthening their responsibility and motivation. TRASE is an action research and action learning approach developed within a CNR-IRCrES and IMO Foundation action research project

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