In this article I want to describe an approach we can use to research in a “dialogical way” our own creation – the organization. Through that process we create sense giving for this creation as well as we find the next development step of this creation, the organization.

I will start this chapter by describing four relevant scientific methodologies, that give us the epistemological starting points for the methodology of the evidential as it will be described here. Then I will enlighten the characteristics of this approach, offer some ways of acting with it in the form of exercises and end with an illustrating example.

My aim is to make this methodology available for all who work with organizational change and development questions and processes in practice. It can also be of interest for researchers that do research on questions of changing, developing and innovating organizations.


In social sciences I see four innovative research methodologies as they have been developed for the researching of social questions and issues, that I find attractive and can connect to.

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