In our search for new ways to deal with awkward, difficult issues of change in organizational contexts we come up against people hanging on to persistent convictions and dysfunctional approaches, in spite of the repetitive experience that their endeavors to bring about desired and necessary changes keep failing. We trust that experts can give us the answers, we hope that the new hype can force a breakthrough, we are ever ready to believe it will work the next time. But we are not at all willing to look critically at the way in which we work in these persistent issues of change.

A lack in the approach that is usually pursued by experts is that the inner world of people involved hardly ever gets energized. We are busy changing outer circumstances and are surprised that nonetheless hardly anything changes in the processes, in people’s behavior, in the living vision. We completely reconstruct the organization, we adopt new systems, buildings, slogans, mission statements, and still people go on in their familiar way.

2014, Alert Verlag | ISBN 978-3-941136-33-5.