How to care for a better world?

The question “How to care for a better world” lives in the many souls of people around the world. We feel and experience the tensions and changes that happen all around the world as we are all part of a world economy, a media world, a sports world, a political world, a world of religion, a world of science. Those who live with this question are also faced with a world of institutions in the political, economical and cultural spheres that deal with these questions and that define and create the conditions in which most of us have to live. These institutions are leaded by political, economical and cultural leaders who are very much influenced by dominant mostly traditional leadership ideas and ideologies that they apply in the practical life of the communities they lead and the societies that they influence.

We know very well the different religious streams that through their bishops and ayatollah’s and rabbi’s influence the thinking and behaving of milliards of people over many centuries. We know the political leaders from left and right wings that dominate the political scene and define the infrastructures that we have to live in. We know the CEO’s that direct the economic life through their companies that serve the milliards of clients all around the world.

As an individual we feel often powerless and confronted with the practices of those leaders in their communities that do not correspond to the inner feelings and longings we have ourselves for a better world.  Although most of us accept leadership and leaders, however we experience strong reactions in ourselves on the moral level that they show in the way they operate. This is because leaders tend to decide on the destiny of our lives without our actual involvement in the decision-making process. Read more …

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