Competenze di sviluppo sistemico evolutivo
per la leadership e le organizzazioni

This working paper describes a framework of competences for a systemic evolutionary development of horizontal leadership and organizations. It is divided in two parts: the first one proposes a reflection at international level about the need of new competences, to better respond at the complexity of the actual socio economic situation. A new way of thinking, perceiving the context and acting is required, to be able to take good initiatives and learn to learn.
The second part presents the competences which come out from an innovative path for people and organization development, named TRASE (Training Systemic Evolutionary), described in Ircres WP12 (Rizziato, 2018). These competences respond to what is required at international level, as they permit people to explore and experiment new processes to improve organizational life in a perspective of synergic development among clients, people and capital. The individual is the synthesis element of complexity and the client is the ordering element. The competences described are the base of a new type of leadership, named horizontal leadership, which do not guide people, but processes where people can be active connecting their inner world to the external one and the inner world of the organizations (processes) to the external one (the client). This allows the evolution of the individual social identity in connection with the evolution of the organization identity, given by the client. The described competences come from a research activity of CNR-IRCrES with IMO Foundation.

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