This is the third week in one year that Ronen, Hans and Adriaan work a week with clients in Israel. We will do workshops for school leaders and for consultants. We will dialogue with clients of Ronen and we will meet the two new colleagues in the IMO Israel group on Thursday. We are welcome guests in the Ronen family.

Today, Saturday our first full day, we went to a special meeting at the Dead Sea. Palestinian people and Jewish people would meet and dialogue. This event took place in the kibbutz Ein Gedi.

In the meeting and conference building 150 persons, Israelis and Palestinians, met and had a dialogue with each other, getting to know each other and sharing views on the situation both people are in and also on the future.


Israel 2016-02_1


Ronen together with Ali the co-moderator, coming from the West bank, guided one of the groups.

The surprising fact was that there were families, young man and women, older Jews, children participating and meeting. A sparkle of hope.

Then we went to the Jordan River, the place were John baptized Jesus. That is also the place were the Old Testament Jews entered the Promised Land. A big group of beautiful and well-dressed Eritrean Christians living in Tel Aviv were baptized there.


Israel 2016-02_3


Finally we went to Jerusalem where we visited Eyal Bloch to talk about the future of the Waldorfschool-movement in Israel. He is looking for an adequate new infrastructure for the fast growing number of Waldorf schools in Israel. The key issue he mentioned was the finding of the new leaders that could be able and willing to take over from the pioneering generation. We will work with him and a group of leaders on this issue during our next visits to Israel.

Three amazing experiences where the old and the new meet in a promising way. These are little steps on a road to a new opening where people of good will can start to bridge the historic deep split between people of different backgrounds.

Adriaan Bekman

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