by Hans Ruijs | Feb 13, 2018

The almond tree is the first tree in the season which unfolded his blossoms so early. In Israel it’s called the week of the almond tree.
During very nice spring time days I visited my Israelian colleagues for another week. We worked on the development of IMO in Israel and had intensive and inspiring dialogues together.

Learning OD at the ONO Academic College

On the last day of my visit I joined Ronen Hahn at the ONO Academic College in Kiryat-Ono near to Tel Aviv. It is a private college with over 14,000 students and is among Israel’s fastest growing institutions of higher education. In addition to promoting academic excellence, the OAC emphasizes inclusivity, utilizing higher education to foster social integration by way of decreased economic and cultural gaps in Israeli society. As a result, populations that are otherwise underrepresented in Israeli higher education, including, Druze, Palestinians, Bedouin, Ethiopian Israelis, Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Cherkasian gravitate to this College.

A group of students are studying Organizational Development.  Each Friday they travelled early in the morning from the North of Israel to be right in time for Ronen’s Hahn course. In an engaged and inspiring way he supported them to apply the OD principles in a practical way by gathering experiences in real live research projects for organizations in their own community.

They shared and questioned their experiences with the help of one of the IMO exercises.

It’s encouraging to see people unfolding their talents by taken over responsibility in this high challenged country. They are making steps by strengthening their own personal leadership, they bring their communities and organizations within to blossom.

After enjoying the spring weather with temperatures of 27 degrees, I landed home safely in Switzerland back in winter.