Adriaan Bekman and I started a new initiative today: an online community of people who share a concern for the soul. The human soul, the soul of the society and the soul of our organizations is at stake. Because it’s well-being totally depends on our efforts to take care for it. There is no authority anymore available to give us the instructions how to look after the soul. We’re on our own and only together we can reinvent the wisdom needed!

On this website and via social media we are going to share ideas, experiences, questions, discussions and more to nurture and support your endeavour to save our soul. In videos, images, blogs, meditations, articles, books and music you will find a variety of impulses that can be an inspiration here. Feel free to give your personal comments on what you will see on the website.

An important source of inspiration for ourself is the latest book The Battle for the Soul of the Dutch entrepreneur, psychiatrist and teacher Bernard Lievegoed. The human soul can easily become posessed by all kind of forces that make us unfree and unsocial. Unless we steer our live and our creations in good dialogue with others. Encouraged by this vison we have started this website.

Our aim is to to be noticed by a million of people all over the world who feel recognized in their own quest for a meaningful life. This approach to connect the inner and outer world of people, to connect the individual and the organizational development will create a fluid and open community of people, new to each other but linked by the same concern for saving our soul. Have a look at the website of this Saving Our Soul Community.

Klaas IJkema

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