It was a very special moment in Moscow that evening when the IMO Russia colleagues together with Teresa of IMO Italy and Adriaan of IMO international agreed with Oksana and Dina that they would start the process of becoming members of IMO Russia. Oksana and Dina even brought some other colleagues to the table to share this moment. These colleagues had shown an interest to come closer to IMO and the IMO impulse.

Two day IMO Seminar in Moscow

This was on the first evening of a two-day seminar in which 55 participants experienced the IMO impulse and methodology at work. From different parts of Russia they had traveled to Moscow to be part of this very inspiring event and meeting. There was even a participant from Kazakhstan. The two-day workshop had three parts. The first part was on horizontal leadership and after a short introduction by Adriaan we exercised the ‘questioning of the question’ introduced by Joachim. The second part was on community building and Sergei helped the participants to explore the connection between a good work process and constructive behavior. The next morning the third part was about sense making. Adriaan introduced a new exercise on the ‘who, what, how and why questions’. After that Tanya introduced ‘the inner team exercise’. To give the participants an impression of the IMO work inside client companies, participants of two IMO client companies shared their experience with the other participants about working with this IMO methodology in their company. They did that with refreshing enthusiasm dealing with the many questions other participants raised.Three upcoming master classes were then presented: A Eurhythmy in the Workplace master-class about, by Oksana and Theresa, the IMO Methodology master-class and The Horizontal Leadership master-class both presented by Joachim and Adriaan.


Three upcoming master-classes were then presented: A Eurhythmy in the Workplace master-class about, by Oksana and Theresa, the IMO Methodology master-class and The Horizontal Leadership master-class both presented by Joachim and Adriaan. Finally Adriaan played three tunes on the Human Soul and then Tanya presented the Russian version of Adriaan’s book ‘Organizations with Soul’. The participants and all of us were very inspired and touched by this experience. This whole event we felt is the start of a new phase in the IMO Russia development. That start was made in the internal IMO Russia meeting, the day after the two-day seminar, in which the IMO Russia year 2016 was prepared. In 2016 the IMO Methodology master-class might start in three places in Russia, there will be three IMO Russia meetings with the two new colleagues, there will be the start of the IMO Russia Client Network. January 2017 there will be again an open two-day seminar.

The Anix Company

In the two-day seminar there were five participants of the Anix Company coming from Bisk in Siberia. Joachim, Tanya and Adriaan had been working the three days before the Moscow seminar with the Anix Company in Bisk. This turned out to be the start of the next step in the development of this special company, leaded by Juri the owner and general director. With the help of 7 processes and for each process two process-owners, the new format of the Anix supermarket shops should be realized and the horizontal leadership practiced and further developed. This year the first 50 shops of the 143 shops will enter in the new format. There will be new impulses around the whole Bread part of the shop, the fresh products like fish and meet and vegetables and milk products. The key focus is the serving of the client and the creation of an even more lively shop in the different neighborhoods of Bisk and the wider region around it. The Anix Company is dealing with the economic crisis in Russia, but their strong efforts to serve and connect to the client and to save unnecessary costs has helped them to stabilize their business. In a step-by-step dialogue between the process owners and the decision makers the first steps for the coming month were prepared. Each month then they will meet to evaluate the progress. Already in February the first shops will enter the new format.

I am writing this blog in the Aeroflot plane Moscow – Amsterdam at Saturday evening at 20.15 hours with a very fulfilled feeling of this intense Russia week.  Adriaan Bekman

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