On Saturday the 20th of august IMO Switzerland organized and implemented the First IMO Youth day. It took place in the Business Center Trafo in Baden.
At the same time the IMO international Youth Center started with this event.

Fifteen young people, at the age between 18 and 26, were supported by Patrizia Luise and Jörg Riederer in their individual development process.

Eleven youngsters from different swiss regions and 4 Italian participants from Rimini came together to work on questions with the theme “How to find my way into the future?”

My path into the future Youth Day August 2016


The young adults started interested and open into an collective searching process. They dialogued on questions what life is calling them to do and wished to know and understand themselves better. They felt inspired by the themes and supported each other in this collective work.

Hans Ruijs introduced IMO and their worldwide activities. Horizontal Leadership was embraced by the participants and seen as a need in the organized world.

To act out of freedom and to take their responsibility in working life were statements made at the end of the day.

It was a full and touching day were the young people met and found their personal development question in order to a next development step. The wish to continue this work will be followed up by a next IMO Youth Day in november.

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