On the 3rd of October 2016 we had our second annual IMO Switzerland Day in Zürich. The event was organised by Patrizia Luise and hosted by the Swiss IMO group.

Around 45 leaders and HR managers – representing different kind of organisations, like governmental institutions, hospitals, the educational field and industry – shared experiences and researched questions around the topic of horizontal leadership and organising.

image003bHans Ruijs presented IMO and showed images of what IMO is doing in different countries. He stated the importance of the creation of so called islands of humanity in nowadays turbulent world.

Eliya Devay, a trinational leadership student, was invited to talk about the essence of his bachelorthesis „How does the meaning of growth and progress change through the generation Y?“ By an inspiring personal experience he showed up how he managed to live for one month only with 100 goods in order to reduce his human carbon footprint. He raised an engaged dialogue among some business leaders by his statements.



By participating in 3 workshops offered by some IMO clients the participants were invited to explore how aspects of the horizontal leadership and organising approach could be applied in their own working field.

Workshop 1: Five young people in dialogue with leaders – Hosted by Patrizia Luise

Workshop 2: Horizontal leadership in the ambulant social psychiatry care – Hosted by Hans Ruijs

Workshop 3: Is horizontal leadership possible in a governmental department? – Yes – Hosted by Hans-Peter Ulli

At the end of this inspiring day, Hans-Peter Ulli showed up how the participants can stay in touch with IMO, like attending the IMO Acadamy, finding free downloadable literature there, joining the masterclass, become a member of the IMO international network and participating at the conference in Holland, and to play a role with the IMO youth center.

In the feedback session the leaders and managers expressed their appreciation of the possibility offered to connect with the needs and questions of the courageous and clear young people. All of us were stimulated and came out with new impulses in order to make next possible steps.


Patrycja, Michelle, Nik, Eliya und Lea

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