Since June 2019 we have the IMO School in action.

We started the first of three modules that concentrate on the basics of the IMO methodology in Bisk Siberia Russia. Yuri Nikitin (Anix) and Tatina Babanova (IMO) organized this process. This first module of 4 days was on the human soul. The group of 12 participants, entrepreneurs, IMO colleagues, leaders of companies, employees of Anix explored in depth the basics of our IMO methodology.

Each day in the program we have the same rhythm. We start with the image of man in which we explore in different ways the multiple Human Being. In particular the human being as a threefold being: body – soul – spirit. We explore ways of Soul development. Then we explore parts/concepts of the IMO methodology connected to the images of the human being and our soul development that we explored in the first step. After lunch we do movement exercises to explore the human being as a social being. As a fourth step we deepen the secrets and working of one key IMO exercise. We finish the day with the biographical exploration. Me and my impulse and my relation to my organization

This enables the participants to experience and understand the basic elements that are hidden in the way we work as IMO consultant and the way we work as leaders in organizations based on the IMO methodology.

The second module in the autumn 2019 will be on horizontal organizing and the third module in spring 2020 will be on horizontal leadership. Each time the program exists of four days with the same daily 5-step structure of the program.

As participants reflected after the first four days they have a much clearer view on the image of the human being as soul and how the organization is an expression of the human soul. Also the way we can care for the soul and especially the way we can develop our soul to a more conscious state of being has become part of our inner understanding and of our outer performance in the world.

You can find the full program of the IMO school as we have designed it soon on the IMO website under IMO academy.

In the autumn 2019 we will start this fundamental exploration in Brazil and it could well be that in early spring 2020 Adriaan will do the full program in China together with Alexander Schwedeler. It is also our intention (Adriaan Bekman and Hilmar Dahlem) to create a summer IMO school 2020 in Germany for people from the middle of Europe.

It is a magnificent experience to work with the IMO methodology in full and explore the basic parts as they have been developed over the past 15 years.

Adriaan Bekman and Klaas IJkema

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