The two German IMO colleagues Alexander Schwedeler and Timothy Apps travelled to Johannesburg for a few days at the end of September. The focus was on working with the management team of Bosun, a manufacturer of paving stones of all kinds.

Current issues were dealt with using different approaches from the IMO methodology.
In addition to the work on the question of “why”, topics such as team and team development as well as the focus on improving concrete work processes were in the foreground.

Bosun is an owner-managed, medium-sized company that very consciously deals with questions from the field of social threefold structuring. The view of the three spheres economic life (brotherhood), legal life (equality) and intellectual life (freedom) runs like a red thread through the organization.

We are grateful for the many encounters with open people. Africa has deeply impressed us within a very short time.

Next steps are planned and we are very much looking forward to the further work with the wonderful people there!

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Timothy Apps, Alexander Schwedeler

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