IMO JET Master Class program part two in 2017 in Omnia, collaboration with Snellman- korkeakoulu.

JET Master Class is a specially designed leadership qualification program for Waldorf school and kindergarten teachers and other staff, who are in the role of decision making in their organisations. In Finland this is a pioneering program.

In October inspired leaders were working with the themes: from seeing the guiding issue to making explicit guiding views and setting up the inner team. Tertta Paananen the Master Class process owner was leading the learning process together with Hannu Tuovinen.

In September 19 enthusiastic leaders started in the program. The aim is to deepen the understanding of leadership and to acquire good tools for daily leadership practises in order to make their organizations to flourish.

In the beginning of September, in the Master Class process part one, with the help of Adriaan Bekman from IMO International, we studied the history and the core elements of horizontal leadership and organizing.

IMO Finland team is working and designing the program together with Omnia, a big vocational training centre and Snellman – korkeakoulu. It is a study center to get a qualification for waldorf pedagogy, speech formation, arts and eurythmy.

In part three of the program the theme will be the development and steering of work processes and services  by Pinja Korkela.

Rajkumar Sabanadesan will guide last two programs, parts four and five, which will include economics and demanding situations in leadership processes.

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