Adriaan arriving at 03.30 in Tel Aviv with the night flight from Amsterdam and picked up by Ronen at the airport, we had the first meeting with the Waldorf Israel community Sunday afternoon. It is part of the process they started last year to look for the next step in the Israel Waldorf movement development of the coming years. Step by step in an amazing process different generations together are searching for the new construct that could help and support the Waldorf development in Israel.

In our meeting this time it was the start of people in different roles in schools meeting to share common issues and learn from each other. School Managers meeting school managers, administrators meeting administrators, leaders of the collegium meeting leaders of the collegium, special needs group leaders meeting each other. In the concluding reflections on these 2-hour meetings, there was full support and enthusiasm to continue in this format. It is meant to happen 4 times a year.

We also made progress with the organizing group to share ideas on a central Leaders group dealing with common themes like teachers training, public communication, government officials etc. This group might be composed of a group of 6 persons that will steer these processes and help to come to common decisions. We suggested to create an Advisory Board in which the pioneers could have their role supporting the new generation leaders to take responsibility. Till February 2018 the basic infrastructure for the Waldorf movement in Israel should be in place and then experimented till summer 2018.

On the second day a lecture was given by Adriaan according to the book: Being the Pilot of your Life. The lecture was held at the Waldorf Seminar in Ramat-Gan.

Another important meeting was the visit at ONO College in Tel Aviv, where Ronen is teaching Arab students in IMO methodology. The Dean of the Faculty and the leader of the practice part of OD studies gave green light to design a 4-semester program for students in which a major part is IMO methodology. The 40 participants will receive an IMO certificate. It might happen that in April we can make a start with this program that is now prepared by Ronen and his colleague in the college.

In Tivon, we met a group of people that prepare a participation in the local political arena. We shared some ideas how that could work and how one can support community development through economic, social, cultural and political initiatives.

We met 3 people that since 2014 are creating a co-operative bank in Israel. They have now 5500 shareholders, are giving out some loans and hope to receive the banking license in a few weeks. The main issue of the dialogue was the sharing of Adriaan’s Triodos experience in the Netherlands/Europe. The key point was how to work out of a policy that is directed to supporting the bank clients in their development, private clients and small business clients and how to support and take the right initiatives that support the ecological and community development ambitions of these pioneers.

At 05.00 a clock Adriaan was flying back to the Netherlands. It is amazing to see and experience how an IMO development process is working and slowly enters different spheres of the Israelian society.

Adriaan and Ronen

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