This year the IMO community had their development days in Sochi, Russia. 45 IMO colleagues shared client processes and methodological innovations. Each morning we started singing and moving with Hans Peter, our Swiss colleague.  Each morning one of the colleagues shared his vision on the IMO impulse. In workshops in the morning and afternoon we explored client cases and new exercises. Some examples. We explored with colleagues Alexander and Timothy in 2 workshops how the “I” of a person appears in the soul. It is the “I” that leads the person in the process. When two “I”’s meet, there is immediately a deepening experience on both sides.

We explored an IMO concept called the seven beacons. What stands behind the who, what, how and why questions one can ask facing a question or issue that is not easy to solve or handle? We explored the qualities of the 7 planets and how these planets create the substance of these beacons. Especially the composition of these seven beacons can help us to research questions and take initiatives to explore them and move them. Reflecting on several client cases we explored the working of our IMO methodology in the practice. In a step-by-step process the client deals with difficult issues, using the knowledge and experience of the people involved in the issue and process. At some moments there is a big step forward, coming out of all these small steps people take, something becomes possible that was not possible before. We made a half-day trip to Sochi Town and sailed on the black sea on three boats with a drink and good dialogues.


Friday morning we shared IMO issues as the IMO Board had prepared them. Adriaan gave his reflection on 50 years consultancy practice. In a biographical description of key moments and changes in his professional life, he described discoveries he made and that were transformed in the IMO methodology. He described essentials he found in the working with the clients:

  • The Question we have shows it all
  • Taking initiatives opens up the question, we find the next step
  • Process/rhythm – Dialogue/value creation – Biography/sense making to care for
  • Process Ownership is the personal leadership to find new answers in the process
  • Horizontal – Vertical dimensions of an organisation and its leadership
  • The Human Soul appears as the organisation we create together
  • The new Soul Development Path is the social consciousness path we do together
  • The “I” in the Soul appears and that makes us to move together
  • “I” and “Community” in its relation is key for our support to our clients
  • Michael (clarity) in the Mind and Christ (warmth and freedom) in the Heart.

Next year we will meet in Israel.

Adriaan Bakman

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