IMO Suomi rounded off the first Finnish masterclass for consultants in February 2016. Enthusiastic participants felt themselves more dedicated to the IMO way of working and are inspired to work with horizontal leadership. There was a nice ceremony in wich everyone presented the personal findings and experiences of the master class, followed by a dialogue in the group about it. Hannu spoke a special, personal word to all the participants and then we signed the certificates. It was touching moment.

In the end, we made the arrangement that in every second month there is an two-hours open session, during the regular meeting of the IMO consultants. The former participants of the master class and the IMO colleagues can work in this session on questions and issues in the appreciated style of this masterclass.

This was my last week in Tampere, as a member of the Finnish group. I can look back at two years of working together with Hannu, Tertta, Raj and in the last year with Ansu and Keijo to build up a flourishing IMO group with very good perspectives. I received a present from the group, a nice book, called Sampo, heading further North, written by Bob Beagrie and Andy Willoughby. This book is full of poems inspired by the famous Finnish Kalevala epos. The group invited me to perceive myself as Seppo Ilmarinen, the blacksmith in Kalevala, who created the Sampo, a mysterious iron artefact, that brings fortune to its holder.

Here the first part of the poem ‘Walking in Circles’ 

The iron in the blood points North
The iron in the rocks stain ‘m red
The blood in the hills drew iron
The iron from the hills cries blood
The North in the blood seeks iron
The North knows the origin of iron.

So Finland in the North helps to get IMO like iron in the blood.

Klaas IJkema


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