26/27 of October we enjoyed the IMO network days in Kaap Doorn Netherlands. Around 60 participants from 8 countries talked about and explored three basic inner leadership abilities: integrity – interest – social intelligence. In 9 workshops IMO clients and colleagues presented experiences, exercises and insights of their development work.
That was very inspiring and revealing.

An example: The manager of an industrial company who for many years planned and controlled part of the operations is now trying to coach his people in becoming more self responsible in the jobs they do. One of his people however is not really doing a good job, is not communicating and because of his position in the work council no higher manager want to make an intervention. What to do, how to act? Exploring with us this issue going through the lemniscate of judgement building of my late colleague Lex Bos we explored this issue.
It became clear to me that a situation like this is one of the most frustrating leadership experiences being in between two powers that do not want to commit. If there is no way out, what to do? My teacher Bernard Lievegoed once advised me in an equal case not to feed the situation but ‘to hunger it out’.

When we work in a more horizontal way as leaders, see each other as leaders and perform the leadership dialogue these three qualities of integrity, interest and social intelligence will help us to do so. To be open and connected, warm and concentrated and seeing through the links that exist in the whole chain, one is able to come to good judgements together and find the right next step.

For me these IMO network days are each year a highlight in the year and coming home I feel the energy and inspiration working in me and I am ready to make the next step.


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