Alexander and Adriaan meet at Schiphol airport to fly together to Beijing China. We go on a 9-day working trip to support the further development of the IMO impulse in China. Alexander has visited Asia and China during 2 years and through his visits and the activities done, there is now an IMO master class running with 35 participants in China. Adriaan is invited by Alexander to contribute in the 3rd workshop. During the start of the trip Alexander and Adriaan had a dialogue on the idea to start IMO China officially during this trip and Alexander and Adriaan decide to make this happen.


Arriving in China in the early morning Frank picks us up. After a one-hour drive we arrive at the village where Frank and Darrow, the organizers of the IMO master class, live with their families. At Darrows home his wife Rose gives us a fresh and healthy meal and then Frank brings us to the hotel nearby, in which we will sleep during these 9 days, to have a short rest. Later we tune in with our hosts to the meetings and programs for the 9 days. It is the start of a very intense and fruitful and well prepared process in which IMO China is founded and makes the next steps in its development.


On the basis of his work in Asia and China, meeting many people that support the IMO impulse in China, Alexander sees 7 persons that together could form the IMO China core group. In a one-year process they could become the carriers of this impulse in China. Alexander will lead the group in its first year process. On Sunday morning Alexander and Adriaan meet the group of 7 Chinese colleagues and with great enthusiasm and good will to make IMO China happen, the group is formed. Weiping, Darrow, Frank, George, Cynthia, Annabel and June together with Alexander form the IMO China core group. Adriaan will support Alexander and the process. At Thursday we will check if all can feel good about this step in their lives and in becoming part of the IMO China core group and IMO’s international community.
In the afternoon we meet with 40 people in the centre of Beijing. We act as an IMO team and share our IMO methodology with very interested mostly young people working in a wide range of Chinese companies.


Monday and Tuesday

We travel to Beijing to meet an IMO client of Alexander. The company is an initiative of a Chinese couple to create playgrounds for families in the Chinese society based on the 12 senses. They are inspired by Waldorf education and German initiatives like Freudenberg and see great opportunities to make this happen in China. However in time they go, together with a small group of co-workers, through a difficult process in finding the right shape for this company. Alexander and Adriaan listen to the stories of all the persons involved in the initiative and based on that they propose to concentrate on 4 processes of development. These are: the right shape of the client project, the needed investments and ownership, salaries and work conditions, meetings and decision making processes. In small groups they develop the next steps for these four issues and processes and bring them together in a much more clear development process for this company.
Tuesday evening Adriaan gives a lecture on the human soul and its new development path. Over 50 people enjoy the lecture. It puzzles and triggers.


We planned a visit to ‘the red square’ and ‘the forbidden city’ but decided in the last moment to stay with our colleagues in the village and have relaxed but intense dialogues on IMO and its methodology. We enjoy the good food of Rose and make paper airplanes with Darrow’s and Rose sun. Close to the house is the Waldorf school with 9 classes. We visit the school, which has a good atmosphere and a lively community of parents that support its existence. Alexander helps the school to find its next steps in leadership and community development.


In the morning the IMO China core group meets and all members share their commitment to make IMO China happen. We read the text that Adriaan gave to IMO China.

We are one
but all so different.
I call your name
and you appear.

Together we do the good
and develop ourselves
into a conscious soul.

We share questions on the methodology and we share the key points of the “Rome contract”. This gives an infrastructure for IMO in China. Adriaan got his Chinese name: Mr. Hoj Chang Lindauli which means: mister horizontal leadership.
In the afternoon we meet the IMO China translation group. They translate Adriaans book The Human Creation. It is quite a job and we share and clarify some of the key words and expressions used in the book.


Friday / Saturday / Sunday

In the three-day master class with 35 participants and 8 to 10 guests each day we work on key IMO exercises on steering principles, improving work processes, being the pilot of your life, exploring the inner team. We explore the human soul and its development. During this intense and wonderful process we listen to delicate and inspiring reflections of participants on their personal experiences working with this IMO methodology. The group represents a wide range of professional backgrounds and types of companies: from big business to little schools. The whole process is beautifully documented during the process with text and drawings on big white papers.
In September Alexander will continue the master class with the fourth three-day workshop. In December Hans Ruijs will join Alexander. In March 2019 Adriaan will attend the final workshop where participants present their work and learning.
At the end of this three-day master class process we meet the IMO China core group and agree on the last details for the next steps in the IMO China development process that ends its first phase in March 2019.


Frank brings us early morning to the airport for our flight home. With gratitude and a feeling of excitement we return home. We had a glimpse of how 5000 years of Chinese soul history meets today in the Chinese community soul each individual self-developing soul.

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