Result of the latest IMO client survey:

The IMO consultants served their clients in around 400 organizations over the last 4 years in the following countries: Brasil, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, Holland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand and Switzerland.
The main issues we worked on:

  • Implementing Horizontal Leadership principles
  • Developing new ways of coorporation
  • Cultural development
  • Preparation for the future
  • Conflict management and mediation
  • Process optimizing
  • Self-management
  • Strategic development
  • Improving processes of preventing corruption
  • Succession planning
  • Teambuilding
  • Community development
  • Communication improvement
  • Executive coaching

The IMO consultants will share their experiences, learnings, inspirations and wisdom at the next IMO community this spring in Finland.
IMO clients and other interested people will have the opportunity to meet other IMO clients from different countries at our client network days the end of October in the Netherlands.

Hans Ruijs

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