IJsbrand Straatman

IJsbrand Straatman

E-mail: [email protected]


IJsbrand believes that everybody has a leader within. It is all about creating the right preconditions, so that everyone’s unique gifts can flourish. This is his guiding conviction: if people learn to step into their own specific strength, take ownership of themselves and operate in the right circumstances, synergy is created and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Flow, cooperation, fulfillment and abundance arise. 

IJsbrand translated this inspiration into his personal and business life by creating easy to follow methods and practical steps. Based on this passion, he founded the company The Healthy Heart, where people are supported to transform their lives by using lifestyle as medicine. A challenging but rewarding change process for people to go through. In addition, he organized and co-developed the vocational training for Biographical Coaching at Heart In Business. 

This experience lays a solid foundation for the work as an IMO consultant. IJsbrand challenges people to go to the essentials in life. This results in meaningful connections, fulfillment and breakthroughs. Within IMO he investigates the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health in organizations and contributes to implementing this.

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