Dear webmasters, there is a new so called ‘membership plugin’ available for the IMO website. It is developed by Ultimate Member. I’m enthusiastic about the possibilities of this plugin and I will use it for this webmaster site, for the IMO University site, for the Dutch Researchgroup website, for the Dutch IMO website. So see for yourself what you want to do. There is a page with documentation of this plugin.

This will replace the social platform I’ve created earlier. It does not function.

For all of you, I’ve created accounts in this IMO webmaster site. I’ll send you login information, so you can login on this website. If you don’t login, you only see a few menu items and you only can access the homepage. The rest of the website is locked. As soon as you are logged in, you will see more menu items.

Logged in users (members) of the website can see the other members and communicate with them by sending messages. You can follow each other, upload and download documents.

If you have any questions about it, please ask me.