The IMO master Horizontal Leadership received an important award in Italy by the National Association of trainers (AIF) in the section Research and innovation –Master &Academia for the scientific organizational innovation and experiential didactics.

The award ceremony took place in Milan the 22 march in the Lombardia Region Palace, with a public of around 200 people. The master project description was published in the AIF annual 2019, which will be distributed to a wide range of Italian organizations.

The first “prototype” was done in 2003 by Adriaan Bekman and Erica Rizziato with University Roma Tre and then, after 10 years, had a new “phase” in 2014 with the creation of IMO Italy. After the first year, also cooperate in the organization Erika Nemmo and Antonio Cappiello.

In the master presentation we underlined that is a master with a “generative structure” of new processes and new competences for horizontal leadership, which alternate with a rhythm reflection, prospection and action on personal and organization levels. Was also underlined that the master is based on a systemic evolutionary vision of man and organization.

The concept of horizontal leadership is proposed as connection between our inner world with the external one (our actions), and the connection of the internal world of the organization (the processes) with the external one, the client. Participants became leader in these horizontal connections.

The generative structure is given by 3 main format and from their rhythmic alternation:

  1. workshops of 2 days to give new visions of human being and organization and work in groups to connect the new input to the personal critical issues of processes and behaviour, prospect new scenarios and decide a next step;
  2. esploration of the step in concrete working situation;
  3. intervision groups to reflect on the effect of the steps on personal level and focus on new personal development steps to better create new processes.

At the end of the master the participants will have transformed their work processes considering the added value for the customer, the people and the turnover and acquired new skills as horizontal leaders. (See the link to the project presented in the annual )

See the link to the interview to Erica Rizziato  

Erica Rizziato

See the link to the round table participants

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