Hans-Peter Ulli

E-mail: [email protected]

Hans-Peter joined IMO in november 2014. He wrote:

Since 2002 I have worked as a communication trainer, coach, and team developer for public administration departments, as well as for various private national and international companies and corporations.

I advise and provide support for people in organizations who desire to make a step forward in their own personal development. As I do this, I let myself be guided by a humanistic world view, with the goal of together finding a path toward sustainable development.

Commitment, humor, and passion are the elements I offer and try to transmit as I work. Self-reflection, the recognition of our potential, and the ability to laugh about our stumbling blocks, are central elements in my work and for my life in general.

  • Bachelor in Organizational Consultancy and Coaching (bso)
  • Certified Spiral Dynamics SDi Level 1&2
  • Licensed Core Quadrant Trainer
  • Bachelor in Adult Education
  • Bachelor in Chemistry
  • Actor

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