In the third week of april 37 consultants  from 8 countries (Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Finland, Russia, Brazil, Israel, Switzerland) joined together for their first annual meeting in seminarhouse Lindenbühl in Trogen.
We worked on the IMO-Philosophy of horizontal leadership, exchanged our experiences and ideas, strengthened our connections and inspired each other for our client work in now more as 125 organizations worldwide. A highlight was the personal meeting with the president of the government of canton Appenzell AR Matthias Weisshaupt. He explained the curious foreign colleagues the principles of the Swiss basic democracy.
The encounter with different aspects of the Appenzell culture was part of the program and showed the richness and meaning of the traditions hand over from generation to generation.
It was a great pleasure for the Swiss IMO-Group being host of this event and we look forward to our next meeting in 2016 which will leads us to Brazil.

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