At the end of 2017 the second edition of the Master on Horizontal Leadership in Italy was concluded.

A very vital and participated path that  led to profound transformations in the way participants work. The responsible Erica Rizziato, Antonio Cappiello and Adriaan Bekman have lived an interesting and creative-collaborative experience, as always happens in IMO.

Following, some attendees feedbacks:

 “The master’s experience was humanly and professionally formidable. From the “know yourself” to the observation of one’s own acting in concert with the others, the process generates a balance on which to rest the horizontal leadership”
Irene De Angelis – Master of Leonardo da Vinci School (Rome)

 “An experience of profound enrichment and intense emotion in the discovery of which inner growth can be developed interacting consciously with the outside world: Team work, expertly guided, produces the value that allows you to live this experience as unique and truly special”
Sofia Sessa – Teacher at Leonardo da Vinci School (Rome)

 “A process rich of crispy discoveries, of gentle learnings, of glittering questions, of rhythmic steps, of shy and brave awareness. A journey still and always going on, a trip of never ending beauty…”
Daniela Bottega –Peoplerise Consultant (Padua)

 “This master was much more than a master on horizontal leadership… it was a journey full of humanity and professionalism that helped me to recognize myself and my soul… I would recommend it to all the people I respect and hold in my heart”
Barbara Donadon – Peoplerise Consultant (Padua)

 “A professional and personal path that has allowed us to reflect on our sense of life in order to be able to make it available to those who work in organizations”.
Susanna Rinaldi – Studio HR Consultant (Florence)

 “We often tend to look at organizations as static forms. The master is a path through which to discover that organizations are living organisms composed of people with their biographies and their questions”
Silvia Piccin – Peoplerise Consultant (Padua)

 “A personal and professional journey full of difficulties and obstacles that allowed us to step by step, daring to rediscover forgotten aspects of ourselves, thanks to the teachers and the magnificent colleagues”.
Angela Conte – Alfambiente Trainer (Rome)

 “Surprising, unsettling, unexpected, enlightening, reconciling. A breath of fresh air in an atmosphere full of smog. This Master takes you by the hand and accompanies you in an attempt to change, but it does even more, it stimulates you to go further and push you further and further away where you would never have believed you could arrive and where you meet another you, that you did not think to be able to be”
Michela Tozzato – Architect and Consultant (Treviso)

 “While (I feel) in the middle of my life’s walk, learning a lot of utopian concepts for the small firms that I work with (how to trigger processes to encourage a responsible and participated management between workers of all levels, always staring at the client), I found myself in an obscure process. Together with my master’s companions we’ve formed a community of developers in which I have struggled to regain my leadership. I am grateful of my colleagues and teachers not making me rediscover like a star but for lending me their soul in the endless journey of mine in the firmament”
Stefano Rofena – Entrepreneur Studio CAM (Rome)


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