On the 10th of March I was invited to PIR Siberia in Novosibirsk, the festival of development praxis, for giving two masterclasses, the topics:  

  1. The horizontal organization‘  
  2. ’Conscious movement for self leadership and community building‘.

I was surprised how many people were interested in both topics. The Conscious movement class was attended by 40  persons and about 60 participants joined “The horizontal organization” came about 60 participants. The participants (HR people , leaders, owners and trainers ) were very  interested in our IMO approach. During the common reflection the speaker of one group was wondering if this horizontal approach would fit to the Russian mentality. When I answered that exactly in Russia the horizontal approach will be once be realized to a full extend, a big applause came from the whole group.

From the 11th – 12th of March I had a two days eurythmy training, ‘Conscious movement for self leadership and community building’ in Tomsk with 24 participants. That was a great success. The feedback was overwhelming. Again I got convinced that the conscious movement inspired by eurythmy gives to people the unique experience how to form a HUMAN community through perception, observation and doing and not through endless talking.  

Joachim Heinz


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