Elizabeth Cerri

E-mail: [email protected]

Elizabeth joined the IMO consultant group in Brazil in 2012. She studied arts, specialized in Counselling and educational orientation. She founded a Waldorf School in São Paulo and during 17 years she lectured and took part in the school administration. For some years she also was entrepreneur in a small industry of clothes.

After dedicating herself intensively at the Waldorf movement, she developed herself in “social pedagogics” and initiated her career as Consultant in human and organizational development in 2001. As member of the Association for Social Pedagogics, she took part in the coordination of social pedagogical seminars. At the same time she worked to support administrators in Waldorf Schools  and during 9 years run a special development programme together with colleagues for the Waldorf School community. She was engaged in the foundation of the Federation of Waldorf Schools in Brazil and is still in its supervisory board.

She is active as a consultant for the development of private companies, Waldorf Schools and Family Companies. Recently she qualified herself in Mediation of Conflicts and integrates Non Violent Communication in the art of dialogue in leadership programmes and processes of coaching.

Her passion is the human being who is in search of development and change and she actively researches this theme in herself  and in her professional practice in order to be able to attend fully those who come to her. She dedicates part of her time to study Anthroposophy, communication, social skills, horizontal leadership and is active in workshops, consultancy, mediation and coaching.

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