Eliya Devay

E-mail: [email protected]

Eliya is an IMO member since March 2017. His focus is in the organization and project consulting. He gained his experience in different international Start-Ups and SME in the technological or social sector.

Recently he graduated in International Business Management. This international degree program gives him a deep cultural understanding, as the semesters were in different countries (Switzerland, Germany, France, Brazil). Previously he worked several years for multinationals in the automobile, event and retail industry.

Eliya’s main emphasis lays on the creation of consciousness with rival resources, the support of a sustainable thinking and a human way of leading in the economy. Accordingly his bachelor thesis examined the following question: «How does the meaning of growth and progress change through the Generation Y?»

Through his thoughtful, open-minded and humorous being he easily finds access to people of all kind. The flexible way of thinking allows a pleasant co-working with his clients.

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