Klaas IJkema

Huiqin Ma

E-mail: mahq@het-imo.net

Huiqin Ma became an IMO member in 2019. 

Huiqin graduated from Nankai University of Tianjin with a bachelor degree major in English literature in 1989. Then she went to Tsinghua University for a master degree of MBA, a joint program with Sloan School of MIT in 1997. From 2013-2018, she studied a part-time PHD program on management psychology in the Psychology Center of Chinese Academy of Science. 

Huiqin had worked with Petrochina and Generalichina ( a joint venture between Generali and Petrochina) for over 25 years with experience of Head of Innovation Academy to administrate managerial and leadership programs for staffs all over the country as well as the deputy general manager of a branch to manage different functions in business. This broadened her view on business operation and deep understanding of the actual reality of business.

Huiqin became a freelancer in 2014 as a certified LMI leadership coach until she met IMO and joined IMO masterclass in 2018. Now she was mostly involved in promoting IMO impulse in China and serving clients with IMO concept and methodology and designing and delivering programs related to IMO impulse.

Huiqin develops online program, 13 Dialogue on Conscious Soul, based on Adriaan’s book, The conscious Soul.  Together with Adriaan, co-host a webinar on Inside the Change.  Meanwhile she is also interested in Leadership Maturity Profile (LMP), to help people in the organization improve the level of consciousness in actual situation.

Huiqin is involved in translating Adriaan’s books into Chinese, like Inside the Change, Human Creation, Organizations with Soul, The conscious Soul and etc. She frequently writes short articles and reflections on IMO impulse and practices and publishes in her personal media.

Huiqin is interested in continuity and sustainable development and has been a voluntary facilitator of Awakening the Dreamer (ATD) of Pachamama Alliance since 2015.

Huiqin and her husband have a daughter studying in UK. She has interests in playing Pingpang and singing songs. Singing is a newly picked up hobby as it helped her a lot in the leadership development process and would be an potential area for her to combine arts and leadership development together. She organized an online program “Uncovering Your Voice” together with a singing teacher in 2020.