IMO China Greetings

from Mr. Alexander

Member of IMO China; IMO International Board; IMO Germany

Dear reader,

It is a great pleasure to introduce to you the first newsletter of IMO China, which started in May 2018 with eight people. Actually it all started with a question from my Chinese friend Darrow. He asked me whether we could start an IMO China Masterclass for Leadership and Organization development. That was in October 2017. And I enthusiastically agreed. With his enthusiasm and great ideas and inspiration he brought together forty people and we started our IMO China Masterclass in January with Module One.

The class has six modules and ends in March 2019 with the presentation of each participant about her and his own leadership question and process.

All this became possible because I was invited to Beijing already in 2016 to give courses about Leadership and OD and could build up a network.

It also became possible through my close cooperation with Weiping, my friend and translator. Through her big network of people and her great social awareness and skills many people joined.

A big support also came from the local school. I was asked to working there at times with more than 200 people on the vision and mission of the school, and the organizing structure.

And through my client Wadofoo, a young company currently building an indoor senses park for children, I was allowed to give several public workshops, which greatly supported building up the network.

And then more people joined in and are now actively supporting the further development of IMO China, and are preparing the next IMO China Masterclass.

I am very grateful to all the friends and people who helped to build this up.

What is IMO? This question is often asked.

The answer is more like a process. Not a fixed answer. IMO is the abbreviation of Institute for Man and Organization development. It is about learning how to develop yourself and how to develop organizations. It is a leadership process. Individually and in community with others. IMO focusses on both, the individual and the community.

We ask questions like: What is your current professional challenge?This is a concrete case study, directly about the persons in the room and their professional challenges. We create a process that people are able to dialog about their own questions and find their own solutions. We focus on the client. We support creating agile and flexible organizations.

Find out more in this first newsletter.

Alexander Schwedeler