In Brazil they say that the year starts after January (some people say “after Carnival!”). For IMO-brazil this is also true: Between the end of December and the end of January there is less work at the client and it is time for holidays, preparation and planning. We did this with our colleagues in our yearly internal meeting and now many new or renewed contacts with clients have been established. The photo at the top of this blog shows our Brazilian team: Josefina, Paulo, Marcelo, Alejandra, Lafayette, Jos and Hermanus.

A special new IMO initiative has started now: “Clients visiting Clients”. Three times one day in which a couple of clients receive other companies to show and share practical development questions in their concrete situation. They show and tell about the changes they are working on, about their challenges and about the way they experience the IMO approach in their company. This brings extra added value as they make a bridge to their own situation and see possible ways of finding a next step.

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