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Together with our clients we develop horizontal leadership in a meaningful process of consulting, doing research together, finding new steps to the future. Different examples will provide a picture of this cooperation.

IMO, working in 250 organizations
The latest results of the IMO clients survey (in the period between 2014 – 2016) made by Hans Ruijs, shows that the IMO consultants are working in almost 250 organizations worldwide.
IMO is implementing Horizontal leadership in a large number of educational institutes, but also in the distribution, retail and supermarket area. Another larger group of clients, IMO is supporting, are in the field of social care and governmental organizations.
You can watch some clients videos below from different countries, speaking about their experiences with IMO. Read more…

The Netherlands

Directors, teachers and pupils of the Brederocollege in the Netherland give an impression of the IMO support to their school development. May 2017

Language: Dutch (English subtitles).

The Netherlands

Three Dutch clients talk about working with Adriaan Bekman and the meaning of ‘horizontal leadership’ for themselves and for their organization. (May 2017)


Three clients in Brasil talk about working with the IMO methodology of horizontal organizing. (May 2017)


Founder Gert Nijland and his team talk about horizontal leadership in the social-psychiatry organization Knowledge & Nursing. It supports them to be free professionals, taking care for their patients. (april 2016)


Teachers and parents of the free Waldorfschool in Everswinkel, Germany, give an impression of the IMO support to their school development.May 2016

Language: German.


Marzia Narduzzi, CEO of a family company in Italy, Pier, tells about leadership in her company as a way of life. (September 2015)


In Italy people from Ecor / Natura Si tell about their cooperation with IMO in a period in which two companies merged together to become leader in the market. It is also a story about personal growth. (October 2015)


The organization Anix Holding is a trading company in the Altai region in Russia (Siberia). This family company was founded in 1993 in Bisk by Alexander Nikitin and his sons. Read more…


In Brazil the Grupo Santa Filomena, an hospital in Rio Claro, works with the IMO approach of horizontal leadership. See how it works and what people tell about it. (May 2015)
Video Production: Alexandre Macedo

“It is the client that has to stand in the centre of all our efforts.”

Adriaan Bekman

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