Result of the latest IMO client survey:

We are proud to announce that between 2014 until 2016, IMO consultants worked for 250 client organizations. These in Brasil, Finland, Russia, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and China.

IMO connects with the questions leaders have. Together with the client we bring these questions in a development process in which CEO’s, managers and professionals make their individual steps.

We practice and research together with our clients the IMO Methodology in the public sector, the industrial field, the agricultural and food business, education and research area, health and social care organizations, retail and trading sector, financial and insurance companies.

For the client organizations it results in

  • the optimizing of healthy client-processes
  • that participants practice sense making dialogue between the vertical and horizontal spaces
  • supportive working conditions
  • creation of innovative new ideas
  • good leadership is organized and practiced by the CEO, managers and also the professionals
  • motivated and responsible acting people
  • readiness for an inspiring and sustainable future

The IMO consultants will share their experiences, their learnings, their wisdom and inspirations out of their working field at the next development community meeting this spring in Germany.

IMO clients and other interested people will have the opportunity to meet other IMO clients from different countries at our client network days the end of October in the Netherlands.

Hans Ruijs

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