The organization: Anix Holding is a trading company in the Altai region in Russia (Siberia). This family company was founded in 1993 in Bisk by Alexander Nikitin and his sons.

The key business of Anix is a retail chain of 200 supermarket shops and she is one of the leading five in Siberia.

Besides there is a franchise chain (140 shops), a transport company, food production companies, hotels and restaurants. The geography of the retail business has an east – west diameter of about 1000 km and a south-north diameter of 950 km. For the whole holding there are working about 5000 people.

IMO activity in the company: IMO started to work in the company in June 2011 and IMO is still working in the company. IMO helps the company to change from a quantitative discounter profile to a quality service oriented supermarket chain with the client/consumer in the focus. The IMO roles developed according to the organizational needs as OD consultants, trainers, coaches on horizontal leaders.

From the very beginning we support the leadership in different interconnected parallel processes like the strategy building process, a community learning process, an OD process. A lot of work was and is done to come away from a one sided top down mentality by introducing and maintaining horizontal leadership instruments, supporting changing roles of regional managers and shop managers. The shop managers ( he heart organ of ANIX ) are now in the centre of the companies attention. We have three programmes for training managers to use horizontal leadership instruments. We are in the process of establishing new leadership organs. One of them is a reflection organ that is regulating problems, most of them connected to horizontal/vertical conflicts. All together we are in a process of introducing and realizing a lively dialogue for the whole company, a creative living space for all involved and living products for the shops.

Recently the work on steering with money is in the leadership focus, a new challenge in finding the right balance between creating new values and saving money and not to forget the learning of all those that are related to it.

Anix_2Quote of the CEO: “From the very beginning IMO helped us to direct all our attention to the client as the most important party of the companies activities. Before we started we were satisfied with ourselves but lost the sense of our work. Out of the client orientation everything developed, a lot of processes that changed our life like working consciously with work processes and development processes, leadership and money flows. IMO moves us towards a horizontal thinking and acting on all company levels.”
Quote of the IMO consultant: “One of the biggest problems in change processes in Russia is to find people ready for taking leadership responsibility on the one hand and on the other hand to find leaders who are willing to let their people come into the lead. Around this question a lot of work is done to help people to realise their leadership issues. I observe a growing process of role consciousness in different types of meetings. I see the attempts, efforts and results to come to horizontality. That means that the level of initiative and creative approaches in different areas are constantly growing and with them the number of employees that build their own working reality in partnership with others.”


In the very moment the company faces the need to establish associations with suppliers and farmers for the sake of stability for the clients and all parties that are involved. For this process the company has, with a high leadership awareness, to develop the Corporate Culture issues, to provide a ‘conscious glue’ for connecting all interested parties.

Anix is a frontrunner in Russia. Due to their CEO they go the ANIX – IMO way in a very constant and enthusiastic way. For a lot of other companies they have already a model/leading role. “Anix is different”, they say. ‘Not growth and results at any price’ is one of their main principles. They show us that respect for the clients and for the human being in general can be a big future perspective in Russia.


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