Adriaan Bekman: Organizations with Soul

192 Seiten | Preis CHF 27.90 | ISBN 978-3-941136-04-5 | 1. Auflage 2013

Organizations can lack soul. There can be such a technical, ‘outer’ language at work that we can lose connection with each other and with meaningful communication. In sharp contrast, we may speak an intimate soul language with close friends which creates intimacy and vulnerability. Adriaan Bekman invites us to re-imagine organizations with soul, so as to enrich everyday working life. Paying attention to meaningful soul language can transform relationships in our communities and workplaces.
Adriaan Bekman PhD is a world expert on horizontal leadership and organization development. He is the director of the Institute for Human and Organizational Development (IMO) in Holland and chairs the Board of the Bernard Lievegoed College for Liberal Arts. Whether coaching, lecturing, painting, playing jazz, or in everyday life, his quest is to meet others through dialogue.